Crafts: “A spring twig”

Crafts is very exciting and useful exercise for both two-year-old kids, and for older children. Children love tinkering, decorating and doing crafts with their hands. Modern materials offer tremendous opportunities for creativity.

While walking in the park with the children watch and discuss the changes that occur in spring.


The sun shines brighter, the air is getting warmer. Buds swell on the trees, soon the trees will get the new green leaves. Some trees are already blooming.




Crafts: “A spring twig”   Cut spring twigs while walking.

You need the following things:

1. A twig with swollen buds.

2. Shapes of flowers and leaves.

3. Beads, stickers, stones to decorate flowers.

4. Glue


Prepare shapes of flowers and leaves in advance. Fold the sheet of colored paper so, that you can cut a flower and then open it.

Open cut flowers again and let the kids decorate them as they wish. Add and glue some beads, stones, stickers on the front side of each flower or leave. Paint with crayons or markers. Encourage your child to work all alone, help if necessary.



After decorating the flowers, open each flower again. Glue the inner side of the flower and fix on a twig together with your child.

When the twig is ready, put it in water. You can make a few twigs, and you will get a whole bunch. Watch the twig in a few days. It gets new leaves become even more beautiful!

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