How to root cuttings with natural stimulants

Use natural stimulants to promote root growth in plants.

Here are some ideas how to root cuttings.
1. Potatoes. A potatoe contains many nutrients. For rooting take a large potato. Make a cut and insert the cutting into it. Spray the plant every day.
2. Willow water. Cut some willow twigs and put them in a container with water. Wait until roots appear, then remove the twigs and put the new cutting in this water.
3. Aloe. Add 3-7 drops of fresh aloe juice in water (100 ml). Aloe juice accelerates the growth of roots of transplants, because it contains substances that enhances the cell growth.
4. Banana water. Cut banana peels into pieces, fill them with water and let them brew. Use this water for rooting the day after.
5. Yeast. Mix 100 mg of yeast with 1 liter of water and soak your cuttings for 24 hours. Then plant as you normally would.
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