How to get rid of ants naturally

There are many different types of ants that can enter your home. Here are some tips how to get rid of “annoying neighbors”.

  • Ants do not like cinnamon, lavender, dried peppermint and clove, just sprinkle these spices where the ants are and around their entrance.
  • Use natural essential oils of lavender, clove and citrus. Use the oils to set a barrier or mix a few drops of essential oil with water, then pour the mix into a spray bottle. Spray the ants path.
  • Talcum powder, baby powder or baking soda are a natural ant repellent. Sprinkling some will keep ants away.

Remember! The best method of dealing with ants is cleaning. Don’t leave any food and wash the dishes or place them into the dishwasher. Never leave crumbs.

Ants are an important component of an our ecosystem. Get rid of ants only inside the house, but not around it.

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