The best way to store bread

The best way to store bread is storing it in a bread box. Here are some simple rules to keep bread longer fresh.

  • Always wipe the breadbox and remove the bread crumbs and leftover before putting fresh loaf in the bread box. Once in a week wipe the bread box with some vinegar. If possible, dry the bread box in direct sunlight. Vinegar and direct sun light destroy spores of mold in a bread box.
  • Bread breathes and requires fresh air during storage. Ceramic bread box is perfect for storing it. Store bread with the cut side down, wrapped in wax paper or a cotton bag. This will keep bread from drying out.
  • Sliced bread gets moldy faster.
  • In order to keep bread fresh for a long time, it is necessary to cut a loaf into slices and divide into portions. Wrap sliced bread tightly in foil. Then place it in the freezer. Before use remove the foil and allow it to thaw at room temperature. Do not toast.
  • Do not store bread in a refrigerator. Bread goes stale more quickly in the fridge and it looses its flavor.
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