A handmade gift for Christmas “White dove”

Children at any age usually have a great creative interest. For children in kindergarten age creativity and learning with an adult are very important.
Crafts help promote motor skills, endurance, creativity, imagination and cover a broad range of skills and interests. Manipulating with small objects, such as stones, seeds, beads or buttons, holding and picking them up, and planning out the further action, helps to encourage the development of fine motor skills.
The development of fine motor skills is very important for children at the age of 2-3 years. This is closely connected with the development of speech. The human brain centers responsible for speech and movement of the fingers are very close to each other. While sculpting the appropriate parts of brain are activated and they stimulate the nearest areas responsible for speech.

As a Christmas gift you can make a handmade souvenir of dove. White doves have symbolized celebration, love, happiness and prosperity. It is a perfect gift for the ones you love.

Such a gift you can do even with a two-year-old child.



Let us see how to make a beautiful handmade gift for Christmas White Christmas Dove.

You need:

1. an apple

2. a napkin

3. a glue stick

4. decorations, stickers, wiggle eyes

5. a white ribbon or hair tie

6. a template of dove, scissors and crayons

Let your child color the template with paints or crayons.

Then cut out the template.



Decorate the shapes as you wish.
Glue on some stickers, seeds, beads, buttons and a pair of wiggle eyes.



To make the body of a dove, you need an apple, or hair tie  or a white ribbon. Put an apple in the middle of a napkin and fold the corners.




Hold the corners with a ribbon or hair tie.




Glue on the head and the wings of a dove.
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