How to keep your bath towels soft and fluffy

If a bath towel got crispy and rough after washing, you need to soften it. In order to soften a bath towel, soak it in hot water with some salt after washing. Then rinse.

You can do several things to keep your bath towels soft and fluffy. Apply these tips.

  • Wash bath towels in very hot water using baking soda, vinegar or borax within or instead of detergent. It will soften the bath towels naturally and remove any leftover detergent.
  • While washing bath towels in the washing machine don’t use fabric softeners. The fibers of the material get clogged with the softener.
  • Use extra rinse cycle in the washing machine to get rid of any leftover detergent.
  • Don’t dry towels in the direct sunlight. The towels can get crispy.
  • While being dried on a clothesline, the towels can also get stiff. To reduce this shake the towels out before and after you hang them up.
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